Why Play Online Games?

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When it comes to playing 우리카지노, multiplayer options are a great way to add some real excitement. Multiplayer games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft and countless first-person shooters allow players to compete against — and connect with — human opponents. Plus, a number of multiplayer games have the option to establish clubs (Words With Friends recently added this feature to mobile), creating your own community within the game world.

Whether it’s beating an old rival or teaming up with new pals, gaming is always more fun with others! Plus, a common interest in gaming can help people build friendships and relationships that can last well beyond the console. Research has shown that a strong sense of social identity is tied to lower levels of depression and loneliness.

Online Gaming and Mental Health: Balancing Fun and Well-Being

Playing online games can also be a great stress reliever. Playing video games can reduce the level of cortisol (one of the main stress hormones) by as much as 17%. The mental engagement and the sense of accomplishment that come with winning a game can be a powerful stress-relief tool, especially for people who have difficulty dealing with negative emotions or experiences in their daily lives.

While most gamers have a good reason to enjoy the online gaming experience, there are some who are taking advantage of it for illicit purposes. Romance scammers, for instance, often target lonely gamers and try to steal their money or gift cards by pretending to be interested in them. That’s why AARP warns players to only chat in-game with people they know, and never disclose personal information in an online gaming forum.