What is a Diesel Tune?

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diesel tune

A diesel tune or remap, is the process of changing your vehicle’s factory map to improve performance. A good tuner can help you get the most out of your diesel engine and make it run better than it ever has. There’s a lot more to diesel tuning than just getting a little bit of extra power, however. In order to get the most out of your truck or SUV, you’ll also need to have a few other performance upgrades in place such as intakes, exhausts, heavy-duty clutches, and free-flowing intercoolers.

Diesel engine tuning can also improve fuel efficiency by optimising the parameters in the ECU (engine control unit). This allows the vehicle to use less fuel while still providing the same power and torque as it did before the tune. This can be especially useful for long-distance drivers and commercial vehicles who need to save money on fuel costs while still being able to tow heavy loads.

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The most popular type of diesel tuning device is a handheld tuner. These devices plug into the OBD port and overwrite your stock factory map with a new custom one. This takes over from the manufacturer’s generic safe for all countries/safe for poorly maintained vehicles map and allows the vehicle to release its full potential.

A tuner is essentially a small computer that sends modified signals to the engine to optimise its parameters. It can be done through an external programmer that looks like a USB flash drive, or through a module or chip that is installed directly on the ECU. Both types of tuners modify the signals that are sent from the ECU to the different sensors in the vehicle.