The Inogen Gs 100 Travel Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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inogen gs 100 travel

The inogen gs 100 travel is one of the most compact portable oxygen concentrators available today, making it ideal for patients looking to get the most oxygen out of their Inogen concentrators without having to worry about lugging heavy tanks. It is also FAA-approved for airplane use, so patients who need to travel for business or pleasure can do so with the confidence that their Inogen is dependable and safe.

Inogen’s three portable Oxygen Concentrator models (the G3, G4 and G5) all feature a wide range of flow settings to meet different patient needs, as well as a variety of battery options, from single- to double-cell, with or without a bundle package or a Lifetime Warranty. These options can help you decide which model is right for your lifestyle and your budget.

Traveling with Oxygen: How a Used Inogen GS 100 Can Help You Stay Active and Mobile

What makes Inogen’s G4 and G5 models so unique is that they are connected to the company’s Inogen Connect App. This app allows users to view their concentrator’s information, including filter and cannula life, column life, battery life and other important statistics to ensure that they are getting the most out of their machine.

These apps are also helpful for checking recommended maintenance reminders and troubleshooting tips. It’s easy to forget about things like changing your filters or removing the cannula when you’re using your mobile device, but these apps can help remind you to keep your machine running properly.

The G4 and G5 are both able to be charged on AC power inside your home, as well as on DC power in your car or on an airplane. If you are planning on traveling by air, Inogen offers an external battery charger that can be attached to the portable oxygen concentrator to keep it charged while in flight.