Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling

Click Here to Download Breaking the Glass Ceiling (pdf)Released by National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Foundation , the National Organization for Women Foundation and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling proposes initiatives to ensure Social Security benefits are adequate for all Americans, particularly for women and women of color. Continue reading

Commission Featured in National Women’s Law Center Blog

New Report Details Importance of Social Security to Communities of Color
By Anna McClure

We’ve highlighted some key facts about the importance of Social Security to women, including women of color and their families. But a new report from the Commission to Modernize Social Security goes into more depth about the particular importance of Social Security for people of color and options for reform. Read More >>

Workers of Color Less Likely to Have Pensions

By John Schmitt, Center for Economic and Policy Research

Workers of color are substantially less likely to participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan than white workers are. Over the years 2003-2009, for example, almost half of white workers (49.0 percent) participated in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, compared to only 42.6 percent of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workers, 41.3 percent of black workers, and 26.6 percent of Latino workers.

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