Scrunch Butt Leggings

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scruch butt

A scruch butt legging has a special seam that gathers the fabric on your backside creating an optical illusion of a flattering, rounder peach booty. This seam is often referred to as a ‘butt-lifting’ or ‘butt-sculpting’ stitch and it’s what gives the leggings their signature style.

However, the seam doesn’t just make your butt look bigger, it also separates each of the glute cheeks highlighting each one individually. The resulting effect is a more fuller and voluptuous booty, which is what many women want in their leggings.

Enhance Your Assets: Rock Your Workouts with Scrunch Butt Fitness Apparel

The best scrunch bum leggings are made with stretchy, flexible fabrics that move with your body. They should be squat-proof and have a soft gusset that gently cradles your crutch area to prevent camel toes (and we all know how painful those can be). They should also feature an elastic waistband, which hugs your tummy while keeping the leggings in place.

Some brands create their scrunch butt leggings with different fabric thicknesses, giving more support in the thigh and hip areas while leaving the gluteal butt cheek area free to stretch and breathe. This technique is a great way to add some sculpting support to the leggings and it can be a real game-changer for those who struggle with lower back pain during workouts.

Overall, while scrunch butt leggings definitely do their job in a very simple and straightforward way, they may not be the perfect leggings for everyone’s booty. While they can accentuate your curves, they are not a magic bullet and they will only work to enhance what already exists on your body.