Scooby Snacks Shrooms

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scooby snacks shrooms

The scooby snacks shrooms are a fun and energetic microdose mushroom pill that is sometimes referred to as herbal ecstasy. They contain 250mg psilocybe cubensis and herbs such as ginkgo biloba, bee pollen and ginseng, creating an uplifting experience perfect for outdoor adventures, concerts, camping or a night of dancing! They are tasteless and easy to regulate dosage throughout the day or night.

Unlike other psychedelics, mushrooms are considered to be safe and non-addictive when used correctly. However, people do develop a tolerance to them as they continue to use them, especially if used daily for several days in a row. That is why it’s recommended to follow the Fadiman or Stamets protocol when microdosing mushrooms.

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To make your own scooby snacks, you’ll need to grind the magic mushrooms and other ingredients into a fine powder and then mix them well. It’s best to put the mixture in a large glass container, as this will help prevent any spillage when filling your capsules. Once the powder is evenly mixed, it’s time to pour the mixture into your capsules. We recommend using a capsule filler machine, as this will ensure you get an even amount of mushroom into each capsule. You can also choose the size of your capsules, as smaller ones might be easier to swallow and will allow you to fit more into each one.

To enhance the experience, we recommend consuming scooby snacks with some music that suits the mood. Some of our favourites include Led Zeppelin – “No Quarter”, or Morgan Wallen’s laid-back country song titled “Wasted on You”.