Our Goals

Strengthen and Modernize Social Security
Social Security is one of America’s most effective programs for keeping our nation’s workers, their dependents, and survivors out of poverty. Given persistent labor market risks facing U.S. workers, Social Security benefits need to be strengthened and modernized for future generations.

Improve Economic Security for Vulnerable Populations
The selection of Social Security reform options must carefully consider ways to improve the economic security of people of color and other vulnerable populations.

Maintain What Works
Social Security is a safety net for all contributing workers and their families regardless of income. Its progressive benefit structure is effective and valued.

Increase Access
Some workers – such as domestic workers, farm workers, unpaid caregivers, and those who are underemployed – have difficulty accessing adequate benefits and coverage. Social Security needs to be modernized to reflect the changing structure of work and family, and to be inclusive of all workers.

Achieve Intergenerational Equity
While changes in Social Security’s contribution rates are expected over time, the burden of achieving long-term solvency within Social Security should be distributed equitably across generations. This means not making today’s young people bear the entire bur- den of achieving solvency.

Ensure Long Term Solvency and Adequacy
Increased revenues will be needed to maintain solvency and strengthen Social Security benefits.