MRI in Bucharest

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MRI in Bucharest

MRI in Bucharest uses magnetic fields to create detailed images of the body. It produces results that are more accurate than those from X-rays or computed tomography (CT). MRI does not use ionizing radiation and is safe for most patients.

A patient will be positioned on a narrow table that slides into the scanner. A technologist will then attach a belt to monitor the patient’s breathing and heartbeat, and may also insert an intravenous line into a vein in the arm or hand. The IV is used to administer contrast material, if necessary.

MRI and Cancer: Detecting and Monitoring Tumors in Bucharest

Patients should not wear jewelry, watches, or anything with metal wires, as they could be damaged by the magnetic field. In addition, any metal objects in the patient’s body should be removed prior to the exam, including hearing aids, pens, and dental work. It is also recommended that any makeup or nail polish containing metal particles be left at home as these can cause stains on the patient’s skin. The strong magnetic field of the MRI system can also attract ferromagnetic items such as keys or oxygen tanks.

During the MRI procedure, patients will hear loud clicking, tapping and thumping sounds. It is important that the patient remain as still as possible in order to get high-quality images. Once the test is complete, a radiologist will interpret the images and send them to the physician that ordered the test. It may take a few hours for the images to be processed and for the doctor to receive them.