Medical Billing Company in Wisconsin and New York

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“Medallion Medical Billing Company Washington DC is a small company specializing in medical billing, claims processing and auditing. We have been in the business of helping others succeed in meeting their medical billing needs for over 15 years. We are a small office located in Washington DC. Our billing staff consists of medical billers and accountants with expertise in the areas of medical coding, insurance claims processing, and medical billing.” Kenney, Bob

Finding a Medical Billing Company in Washington DC

“We are very happy with our medical billing company. Medical Billing was able to grow out of our small office, while maintaining its professionalism and providing the same high quality service to clients as before. We have been able to keep costs down while increasing our revenues. Our billing company continues to grow every year while remaining very inexpensive.”

“A new company, Medallion Medical Billing, provides excellent client service. Their employees understand how to fill out insurance claims and communicate with their clients to ensure a positive outcome. Medical Billing is a small office, but maintains a strong reputation in the billing field. They have a staff of highly trained, highly educated, and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to serving their clients. In fact, we strongly believe that the time and resources saved by working with Medallion Medical Billing rather than a larger, more established billing company, will save both time and money.”