How to Get the Most Out of Wood Therapy Tools

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During wood therapy tools massage—or maderoterapia, as it is known in Colombia—a practitioner uses a number of hand-held wooden tools to apply pressure and manipulate the muscles, tissues, and skin. The resulting mechanical stimulation helps break down cellulite and fat, boosts circulation, and smooths the skin’s appearance.

It also supports lymphatic drainage, which can help to minimize the appearance of cellulite—at least temporarily—by rearranging tight fascia tissue that causes dimpled skin. This may be why it’s a popular choice for women who want to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as well as achieve a toned and more sculpted figure.

The Art of Wellness: Exploring the Benefits of Wood Therapy Tools

But wood therapy has a lot more to offer than just body sculpting and skin smoothing benefits. It also promotes the growth of healthy, supple skin by increasing blood circulation and encouraging the release of toxins from the body.

And for those seeking to tighten their core and create a more flattering shape, it can even help to relocate adipose tissue deposits. And it’s all achieved without damaging the skin or underlying tissues.

If you’re interested in trying this unique and effective technique, make sure to find a qualified practitioner who can demonstrate the proper use of the wooden tools. And to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sessions, we recommend combining wood therapy with some of the topical agents that have been shown to enhance its benefits, such as caffeine or retinoids, for example. This can make your results last longer and increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment.