Explore Kartra Pricing Plans

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If you’re looking for a marketing suite that can build killer sales funnels, host your products, and automate high-ROI email campaigns, then look no further than Kartra Pricing Plans. As a jack-of-all-trades, this all-in-one platform is a game changer for online businesses of all sizes.

Is Kartra a funnel builder?

Kartra’s built-in CRM functionality makes it easy to track customer interactions and manage leads efficiently. And its integrated email marketing tools allow you to send emails that are highly relevant to each subscriber’s interests and needs.

With 1-click upsells, you can add a higher-value product to your buyers’ cart at checkout. And cross-selling is a breeze with the ability to automatically subscribe buyers to an automated post-sale marketing sequence. Moreover, Kartra supports multiple currencies and languages, so you can easily service customers worldwide.

Kartra also helps you reduce churn with flexible billing and up/downgrade options. For example, if a subscriber can’t afford to pay their monthly membership fee, you can simply give them a temporary discount or move them up/down to a different pricing tier.

Finally, Kartra allows you to buy new accounts on behalf of your clients and mark them up at will — which is perfect for agencies that want to create and manage their client’s accounts for them. You can even set up each account with its own login credentials and custom permissions. Plus, you can access detailed reports to keep tabs on each client’s account performance and key metrics.