Diesel Tuning Gold Coast

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eco tuning diesel | Willys Workshop is a great way to get the most out of your Toyota diesel engine. By adjusting the engine management system and reprogramming the engine ECU you can unlock your diesel engines hidden performance potential. This is not a cheap modification but the results are impressive. By removing the factory safety constraints and allowing for much higher boost levels you will not only see power increases but improved fuel economy as well.

Modern Toyota diesels use electronic fuel injection (EFI) and are able to be tuned far more easily than older vehicles. The newer diesel engines have more points of adjustment for timing and fuel delivery per cylinder than previous models, making them ideal candidates for tuning/remapping.

Unleashing the Beast: A Beginner’s Guide to Performance Diesel Tuning

With the addition of a remapping software package you will be able to improve your engine performance by up to 30% without losing any fuel economy under normal driving conditions. The remapping software is simply flashed into the vehicle’s computer via the OBD port, replacing the manufacturer’s generic ‘safe’ map with one that will release your cars true performance potential.

Our towing tunes are designed to maximise your diesel engine’s torque output for those who regularly use their vehicle for towing heavy loads. The added power will allow you to safely and confidently tow your caravan, boat or trailer without the need for a costly engine upgrade. This type of tuning is also perfect for tradies who often haul large loads.