Cosmetic Eye Surgery Procedures and Benefits

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If sagging or loose skin around your eyes makes you look older and tired, eyelid laser vision correction  (blepharoplasty) can tighten the area for a more refreshed appearance. It can also remove fat deposits that cause puffy eyes and eliminate bags under your eyes to make you look more alert and well-rested. However, it’s important to understand that cosmetic eyelid surgery cannot address all problems related to aging, and may not reduce wrinkles around the outer edges of your eyes or on your forehead.

What is the cosmetic surgery for eyes?

Before eyelid surgery, your doctor will review your goals and discuss whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. You’ll also undergo a complete eye exam with your ophthalmologist and possibly vision testing. This might include testing your tear production and measuring parts of the eyelids, as well as visual field testing to see if you have blind spots in the corners of your eyes (peripheral vision). Your doctor will take photos of your eyes from several angles, which can help with planning and documenting the surgical results.

After surgery you will spend some time in a recovery room while staff members monitor for complications. After that, you’ll go home to recover at your own pace. The initial healing process can take up to two weeks, during which you should expect bruising and swelling. Your doctor will usually give you instructions to help reduce discomfort and promote healing, including limiting strenuous activity, sleeping with your head elevated and using cool compresses on the area. Most bruising and swelling should fade within a few months.