Cheap Electric Cars For Sale

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cheap electric cars for sale

Cheap electric cars for sale can be more affordable than you might think, especially if you don’t opt for the latest all-singing, all-dancing models. While they still command a premium over petrol and diesel equivalents, the gap is closing and once you factor in much cheaper overnight electricity tariffs you’ll save a fair amount of money.

Some manufacturers are offering electric vehicles at more affordable prices than they have in the past, including new entrants to the market like Dacia. The value-packed Dacia Spring will be the cheapest proper electric car you can buy in Britain, with prices starting at just PS14,995.

Affordable Alternatives: Cheap Electric Cars for Sale

Chevrolet has the cheapest new electric vehicle on sale right now in the shape of its 2024 Equinox EV 1LT, which starts at just $34,095. It’s a lot more expensive than an entry-level petrol version of the Corsa, but the EV is also capable, comfortable, and quieter thanks to a surprisingly large battery that enables it to cover more than 250 miles between charges.

Hyundai’s slick Ioniq 6 is another option that provides good range, efficiency, and handling for less than luxury rivals. It’s based on the lounge-like Ioniq 5, but its streamlined bodywork offers a fresher look than that model’s boxy SUV styling.

Fiat has another EV that could appeal to budget-minded buyers, too, with the new 500e hatchback returning in 2024 with an all-electric variant that starts at just $34,095 and provides an impressive 149 miles between charges. It uses the older CHAdeMO charging standard, but you can get a CCS adapter to ensure it’s compatible with more stations.