Call Girls

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call girls

A call girl (also called a escort, b-girl, call girl or hooker) is a female prostitute who operates on a commercial basis, charging clients for her services mainly by phone. She is not seen by the public and generally does not work from a brothel or walk the streets like street prostitutes. Instead, a client usually hires her via a small ad or website. She may be available for incall sex sessions, where she meets the client at her rented apartment or house, or for outcall sex. Source

Although studies of call girls are difficult to come by, it is clear that they offer a specialized type of sexual service. Their success is often based on a sophisticated understanding of what the customer wants—either expressed or unspoken. They know that a man might visit them for a purely sensual encounter but also to escape from the stress of daily life, or to find solace in the companionship and attention that she provides.

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Compared to street prostitutes, call girls are generally more discreet and have greater discretion over who they accept for a session. In addition, they tend to spend longer sessions with their clients than street prostitutes. Sessions may be brief, focusing on bringing the client to orgasm as quickly as possible, or they may involve extended foreplay and other nonsexual activities, such as conversation or cuddling.

A typical call girl in New York City charges around $300 an hour and takes 25% to her pimp. Many of her clients are wealthy men who demand a certain level of kinky sex and pay for special services, such as intimate massage or role-playing scenes.