African American Children Books

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african american children books

African American children books help children develop an appreciation for their culture. These books celebrate the African-American experience by featuring the work of literary and artistic legends such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Maya Angelou. These works are complemented by the childlike illustrations. They also contain a message of acceptance and having faith in yourself.

Children will appreciate the stories about African-American heroes and historical figures. There are also books about African-American artists and musicians. Some of these books are based on real events. One book about the International Sweethearts of Rhythm is based on the true story of the band’s founding. The girls of the Piney Woods Country Life School, an African-American orphanage, formed the group. As the first all-female swing band in the United States, the group went on to perform at the most prestigious American music venues. They also traveled the world. The historical information is well-written and children will learn about the important role that African-Americans played in the United States.

A book about the freedom fighters, the enslaved and the fight for education is another good choice. Children will learn about the lives of slaves and the struggle for educational freedom from the point of view of a black woman. It’s also important to highlight that America’s promise of freedom did not extend to all people.