4space Architecture – A Blend of Sustainability and Aesthetics

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The team at 4space Architecture is dedicated to designing contemporary residential designs with novelty and aesthetics at their core. The firm uses a blend of sustainable and intelligent systems to create smart spaces that optimise lifestyles.

This approach to 4space Architecture has been reflected in the firm’s work on many projects across Dubai. A number of these projects have been recognised by luxury lifestyle awards, proving the excellence in their designs and project management services.

Whether designing an office space or a restaurant, the firm takes into account the needs of their clients and the wider public. This has led to the development of a series of ‘biophilic’ concepts that incorporate natural elements in order to increase well-being and boost creativity.

Discovering Design Brilliance: 4Space Interior Design Studio in Dubai

For example, the design of a restaurant called Charcoal Garden in Dubai features an ode to the grilling menu with a reclaimed wooden counter. The dining area is also centred around an open barbecue fire pit topped with a vast, rustic mesh sheet.

4SPACE designs spaces that celebrate community and culinary excellence. This has been highlighted in JUN’s where a horse stable-inspired design was conceived using sand-colored materials, reflecting simplicity, rustic elegance and modern refinement. The interior is enhanced by neem tree branches and water features.

In the realm of commercial design, 4SPACE has been at the forefront of innovation. The firm’s designs feature intelligent systems that can be customised according to the client’s individual tastes and vision. This is evident in their latest project, PAPA Dubai, which combines nine dynamic concepts into one stunning space.