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To See Social Security’s Future, Look Beyond the Headlines
By Margaret Simms

The headline for a front-page article in the Washington Post’s October 30 issue says that Social Security went “cash negative” this year. While Halloween weekend might be an appropriate time to scare people as they sip their morning coffee, it doesn’t set the right tone for a balanced discussion on how to “fix” Social Security. Fortunately, several new data sources on who does and doesn’t benefit from this program can guide our thinking about what could be done to preserve Social Security’s solvency without adverse effects on the most needy. Read more >>

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Reports Show Social Security Cuts Would Hit People of Color, Women
By Paul Kleyman

From New America Media: As Congress’ deficit-cutting “super committee” considers whether to recommend reducing Social Security benefits, two reports released recently expose the declining retirement security of aging Americans—especially among women and people of color. Read more >>

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Report: Lawmakers Need to Account for Minority Population When Considering Social Security’s Future

In a recent report released by Global Policy Solutions, the rates of reliance of minorities on Social Security were examined, and revealed it is, in large part, due to disparities and wealth and income. Read More >>